ODI Kickoff

Students forming a human circle on Kirby Terrace.

ODI KICK 2018 will take place August 19-20 at the University of Minnesota Duluth. To register to attend, head to z.umn.edu/ODIKickoff

The ODI Kick-Off welcomes new first-year students of color and/or queer & trans+/gender nonconforming students to UMD and provides an introduction to support and resources available to students.

This program is free to participants & takes places during the two days prior to Welcome Week. Attendees will be provided food & are eligible to move in early.

  • An introduction to academic and co-curricular resources.
  • Presentations on campus life by staff in the ODI and current students.
  • Visits to local points of interest on campus and in Duluth community such as Canal Park or Enger Tower.
  • Creating a network of friends and participating in team and community building.

For questions or more information about the ODI Kickoff, contact [email protected] or [email protected]